Code of Conduct

Heyday Beer Co is excited to be taking part and brewing BRAVE NOISE PALE ALE. However, through this process, it has been highlighted that Heyday Beer Co could do better. We are going to use this brew time to update our Code of Conduct, fine-tune our policies, train staff about these policies and seek external advice and training. Heyday has reached out to RespectEd Aotearoa for their expert consultation, training and support. Proceeds from the Brave Noise Pale Ale launch will be donated to RespectEd Aotearoa. 


Heyday Beer Co’s Code of Conduct applies to all directors, employees, vendors and customers while on Heyday property, on Heyday time and at events. This Code of Conduct establishes the standards of behaviour expected, as well as violations and how to report them.

 Heyday is dedicated to providing an inclusive, harassment-free environment, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or identity, disability, appearance, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind to employees, customers or vendors.


Employees are expected to act in an ethical and professional manner, for the well-being of all employees and customers. Maintaining professionalism fosters and preserves our reputation as individuals, as a team, and as a company. Compromise in this may lead to loss of respect and confidence in fellow employees, and from customers, vendors and the community.

We expect all employees, customers and vendors to:

  • Take responsibility, and be accountable for, our decisions and actions in performing our duties

  • Take pride in our work with an aim to achieve the highest standards possible

  • Pursue excellence and strive to achieve the highest quality, most effective and efficient, and innovative application of tasks in the workplace

  • Strive to improve our skills, knowledge and competencies relevant to our roles

  • Clearly communicate mutual expectations, make and meet timebound commitments

  • Provide a harassment-free experience for everyone, including staff, customers or vendors

  • Commit to, and value diversity, fairness and equal employment opportunities

  • Excel at providing exceptional guest experiences

  • Continuously strive to learn, develop and improve; leverage and celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes

  • Constructively confront and solve problems

  • Take responsibility, and be accountable for all company resources and property used in the performance of our duties

  • Foster a culture of honesty and integrity

  • Abide by all company policies, including Sexual Harassment Policy, Bullying etc


We will not tolerate:

  • Dishonest, unlawful or dubious behaviour

  • Verbal, physical or written abuse

  • Bullying, intimidation or harassment in any form

  • Unwanted physical contact and simulated physical contact (eg: “hug” or “backrub”) without consent or after a request to stop

  • Expressions of discrimination or bias, be they overt or subtle

  • The emphasis or perpetuation of stereotypes

  • Initiation or perpetuation of rumours

  • Inappropriate use of company property or assets, including for personal gain


At Heyday, we work collaboratively as a team and treat each other with respect and dignity at all times. We strive to build and foster an environment that enables our whole team to reach their potential while achieving our business goals and objectives as a whole. Working in an environment free of prejudice and discrimination encourages everyone to be their best, and ultimately benefits our people as well as our business. 

  • We foster innovative and creative thinking

  • We all take responsibility for creating an inclusive environment where we can bring our best selves to work

  • We commit to fair and equitable policies and processes for all our people

  • We support building our team with people with diverse talents, perspectives and experiences, creating better experiences internally and connecting us with a broader customer base

  • We take responsibility for the accurate completion of assigned tasks and commitments within agreed timeframes

  • We share the workload and make value-added contributions to our business, including going the extra mile to complete tasks when required

  • We assist fellow colleagues where possible, across all outlets

  • We maintain and update role-based processes and procedures to ensure everyone understands what and how to undertake tasks

  • We communicate clear expectations and agree on commitments and timeframes

  • We propose constructive and innovative ideas and solutions to problems, engage in positive debate and are willing to listen to each other’s views while accepting and supporting the ultimate business decisions reached

  • We will take pride in our workplace, celebrate the wins and have fun


Community Involvement:

We strive to uphold Heyday’s commitment to good citizenship, and support for our communities while pursuing our business objectives successfully. 

For example, the ways we uphold this commitment include:

  • Involving ourselves in, and striving to make a positive contribution to, the local community, through supporting local events and charities

  • Consider the broader impact of our decisions on our fellow colleagues, customers, business partners community and the natural environment

  • Act fairly and reasonably towards our current and potential customers and business partners in a consistent and ethical manner

  • Encourage an environment of responsible consumption of alcohol


Conflicts of Interest:

Managing conflicts of interest is key to maintaining our customer and business partner loyalty and building trust both within the company and with our customers and suppliers.  A conflict of interest occurs where an employee has a personal or professional interest sufficient to influence the objective performance of their duties and responsibilities to our company.  For example, the ways we manage conflicts include:

  • We do not participate in activities that involve a conflict between our duties and responsibilities, or which are prejudicial to our business

  • We do not put ourselves in a position of conflict with the best interests of our customers or business partners or a position that unfairly puts the interests of one customer above another’s, regardless of the nature or size of their relationship with us, be it personal or business

  • We do not participate in business activities outside our employment at Heyday without the prior approval of the directors, or when it could adversely affect our ability to carry out our duties and responsibilities to Heyday

  • We do not solicit, accept or offer money, gifts, products, favours or entertainment which might influence or might appear to influence, our business judgment


Violations of Code of Conduct:

If you are approached as having, consciously or otherwise, behaved in a way that violates Heyday Beer Co’s Code of Conduct, endeavour to listen with an open mind and avoid becoming defensive. Remember that if someone offers you feedback, it likely took a great deal of courage for them to do so. The best way to respect their courage and honesty is to acknowledge your mistake, apologize, and move on — with a renewed commitment to do better.

That said, repeated or severe violations can and will be addressed by our leadership and can be subject to disciplinary action in line with Hospitality NZ guidelines and NZ Employment legislation.

If customers violate the Code of Conduct, Heyday staff reserve the right to refuse service and ask customer/s to leave Heyday property. Severe or repeated violations may result in a written Trespass Notice in accordance with the Trespass Act 1980.


In addition to standard holiday pay and sick pay, Heyday offers every staff member two non-cumulative ‘Self Care Days’ per year. Paid the same level as Annual Leave and designed with a focus on recharging batteries and a day of wellbeing. Also, should any staff feel like they would benefit from counseling over any issue, Heyday will contribute $100 per year to help you book the first session and commit to helping you find the right counselor if you would like us to.


Reporting Violations of Code of Conduct:

If you experience bullying or harassment, whether that be towards yourself or you witness it happening to others, we encourage you to complete the Harrassment / Bullying Report Form and speak to your direct manager. Completing the form formalises that incident and allows management to begin the process of investigating the incident.

If you experience sexual harassment, whether that be towards yourself or you witness it happening to others, we encourage you to complete the Sexual Harrassment Report Form and speak to your direct manager. Completing the form formalises that incident and allows management to begin the process of investigating the incident. If the incident is sufficient to warrant reporting the incident to NZ Police, this form will aid in the process.

Both report forms are available to be downloaded on Slack in the #IncidentReporting channel.

Once you have submitted the appropriate form and spoken to your manager, the incident will be investigated in line with Heyday’s Incident of Harrassment Policy.

If you wish to report the incident confidentially, you may approach the Venue Manager, the Head Chef, the Head Brewer or one of the directors, regardless of who you directly report to. You should still complete the relevant report form.

Contact Info:

If you have further questions or concerns, please speak to your direct manager. Alternatively you can email, or visit, 264a Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington, NZ 6011